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Adi Firman

Adi Firman

Senior Frontend Developer

I am a software engineer with 3+ years of experience. I have deep understanding and hands-on experiences in web development.

In the frontend development, I use React JS most of the time, and recently I moved on to Next JS. I focus on critical aspects of a website such as SEO, page performance, seamless UI, security, and compatibility across platform.

I learn Codeigniter, Laravel and MySQL to develop the backend. I assist other engineer in designing ERD, creating table, and create endpoints. I concern in the security, response time and size, data structure, and some background process.

Along the time, I design the server architecture of the apps, and work alongside the devops to construct it. I work a lot in order to create a good design for long term use of deployments, testing and load balancing.

My Education

  • President University Bachelor of Science - BS, Information Technology

My Experience

  • Google 1999-2000
  • Envato 2000-2010
  • EnvyTheme 2010-2020